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Barista Training Basics: Frozen Beverage Machine Cleaning

With summer on the horizon, frozen drink sales are on the rise. Preparing frozen beverages can be labor intensive, so your baristas will appreciate high-quality products that are easy to use. Looking for a frozen drink machine to ease the burden on staff? We love the Fetco by Elmeco line of frozen beverage machines for their multipurpose uses, high-tech features, and excellent longevity. Whether you choose a Fetco machine or a different product, it’s crucial to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance. Here’s an overview of why consistent cleaning is so important, and a primer on how to clean your machine: 

Why Proper Cleaning is Essential 

Frozen beverage machines must be treated with care to protect your investment and the health of your customers. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to ensure the highest quality flavor and sanitation. Although the Fetco frozen beverage machines are equipped with condensation bypass to optimize sanitation and a sealless drive system for improved longevity, all products require thorough cleaning to function their best. When your team has finished serving for the day and is ready to close, keep the following tips in mind for cleaning the Fetco frozen drink machines: 

  • Using the manual photos as a guide, empty the tanks. You’ll need to open the outlets, block them, and move the letter from left to right. 
  • Remove the lamp and pour water into the tanks before emptying them. 
  • Remove the auger ring nut. 
  • Unscrew the hook grips and open the hooks. Lift the tank(s) as demonstrated in the manual photos to remove the tank(s). 
  • Unscrew the ring nut to remove the vertical auger. Next, remove the horizontal auger. This will leave the inox side of the tank open and ready for cleaning. 
  • Remove the outlet and tank gasket, making sure to remove the lever cover by pressing the part labeled “PUSH” downward. From there, rotate the ring nut clockwise to remove the outlet. 
  • Dip each part in a solution of water and bleach. 
  • Thoroughly wash and dry before reassembling. Wet the gasket before re-inserting it and confirm that the low-tension contact wires are in the guides of the terminal board. 
  • To clean the condenser, remove the side panel of two-or-three tank machines or the back panel on a one-tank machine. Then, clean the radiator with a soft brush or compressed air. 

The ability to prepare frozen drinks is a must for most cafés and coffee shops. With warmer weather already here in many parts of the country, now is the time to invest in a truly great machine that can serve up granitas, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, and more. Whether you’re ready for a new frozen drink machine or you’re looking for more products for your shop, we carry everything you need and are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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