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Features to Consider When Selecting a Commercial Milk Frother

A commercial milk frother is a must on your list of coffeehouse supplies. Many customers love a dollop of silky-smooth foam on top of their hot beverage, but getting the texture just right requires a skilled barista and high-quality product. When you’re on the search for a new milk frother for your café, there are several features you shouldn’t compromise on. Here are a few of those must-haves that we know your team and customers will appreciate: 

Top Features to Look For 

There are many steamers on the market, but we love Perfect Moose Greg for its user-friendliness and innovative features, including: 

  • Smart technology. A traditional milk frother requires a skilled hand to operate effectively. Perfect Moose Greg has innovative smart technology built in to reduce the burden on baristas and ensure that the foam turns out perfectly every time. Its RFID technology means that this tool recognizes the type of milk you’re using to create the best quality microfoam, completely hands-free. Simply use the color-coded jug system to let Greg know whether you’re using dairy milks, plant-based milks, or mix-based products. 
  • Touch display. Have new baristas on the team who need to get up to speed quickly? Perfect Moose Greg’s touch display walks users through each step of the steaming process. 
  • Temperature regulating wand. It happens to the best of us–when volume is high, it’s easy to lose focus for a moment and burn your hand on the wand. That’s why the cool-touch temperature regulating wand is one of our favorite features of Perfect Moose Greg: there’s no chance of team members injuring themselves on the job! 
  • Easy-clean nozzle. Nozzles need to be cleaned and purged after every use to avoid the buildup of dried milk that’s a hotbed for bacteria growth. Baristas must remember to do this each time on a traditional frother. The hygienic nozzle on Perfect Moose Greg is programmed for obligatory steam flushes after each cycle, so the pressure is off baristas. Plus, the nozzle is made with high-performance thermoplastic and is designed to avoid sucking up milk products. 

There are many reasons to love Perfect Moose Greg. Its design won the SCA 2021 Product Innovation Award, and we’re excited to stock this product for our customers. Whether you choose this product or would like to consider a more conventional milk steamer, we carry a plethora of options. From commercial espresso machines to specialty milk frothers and beyond, we have all the coffeehouse supplies you need to set up shop and keep operations running smoothly. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team. We’re looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding the products we carry or financing.

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