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New Products Showcased at Specialty Coffee Association Expo

Our team recently attended the 2022 Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo. Held in Boston, the SCA Expo is North America’s largest coffee trade show and brings more than 400 companies together. There are always exciting finds at this event, and the 2022 showcase didn’t disappoint. Although we discovered several intriguing products this year, here are a few that we’re especially impressed with:

Mavam MM Super-Automatic Espresso System

For environments with high volume but limited space, the Mavam MM Super-Automatic Espresso System is a game-changer. Mavam is dedicated to the art of crafting world-class espresso, and the brand’s newest system doesn’t disappoint. The MM super-automatic is essentially a coffee shop in a box.

It comes  equipped with two built-in grinders and an automatic tamper, so the user is only a push of a button away from world-class espresso. These features eliminate the need for purchasing additional expensive pieces of equipment, which is an exciting development for many applications.

A machine that’s built for everyone, the Mavam MM Super-Automatic Espresso System is designed for the ultimate level of user-friendliness without sacrificing incredible quality.   


Sanremo YOU

sanremo you
Sanremo YOU offers enhanced control over every aspect of the espresso-making process. This machine is more than just a tool for professionals–its cutting-edge capabilities help this product act like a personal assistant. With the ability to create manual settings and save them, Sanremo YOU encourages the user to experiment and reach new heights.


Sanremo CUBE

Sanremo CUBE is a high-performance machine available in a variety of eye-catching colors. The brand’s most compact coffee machine yet, the Sanremo CUBE packs an impressive punch when it comes to technology and power. This tiny but mighty machine boasts a 1.9L heat exchanger boiler, 1.8L internal water tank, mechanical pre-infusion, and more. Available in three models (one of which is customizable), Sanremo CUBE is an innovative product suitable for both home and commercial use.

La Marzocco Wally Milk

Milk and espresso go hand in hand, which is why we’re so excited about Wally Milk by La Marzocco. This automatic milk steamer can be connected to a commercial espresso machine to work its magic on the steaming process. Wally Milk is programmable with up to 20 different recipes, allowing the barista to seamlessly pivot between dairy and non-dairy milks. This product features a Pro Touch Steam Wand, Digital Display, Tilting Platform, and Temperature Sensor to provide a stunning amount of nuance to milk steaming.

La Marzocco Wally Milk   La Marzocco Wally Milk

Mahlkönig E80 GbW Grinder

Mahlkönig E80 GbW Grinder

The newest coffee grinder in Mahlkönig’s lineup is theE80 GbW. Its powerful motor and 80 mm special steel burrs offer jaw-dropping grinding speed. The E80 GbW features Grind-by-Weight technology for real-time scale controlled dosing. Whether you’re rushing to keep up with high demand in the café or simply appreciate a quiet, reliable performance, the Mahlkönig E80 GbW grinder is an excellent addition by this brand.

The 2022 Specialty Coffee Association Expo brought together a great group of businesses dedicated to engineering the very best equipment for coffee lovers. The products highlighted here are just a small glimpse into what caught our eye and piqued our interest for the future. If you’re ready to stock your café, office, or home with the latest technology in coffee and espresso making, our team is here to help. From commercial espresso machines to grinders, brewers, and accessories, we’ve got it all. We love to connect, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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