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How Many Group Heads Do I Need?

Espresso Technician

Within the coffee industry, commercial espresso machines are defined by the number of group heads they have. This is because the number of group heads directly contributes to the volume and output that machines can do. Simply put, the more drinks per hour you do, the larger the machine you will need. 

Most coffee shops and cafes will not outpace a 2 group espresso machine with 220v power. The majority of our customers (70 percent) use a 2 group espresso machine. However, if you expect to have many hours in a row over 50 espresso and milk beverages we recommend bumping up to a 3 group or 4 group machine. A 3 group or 4 group machine offers a larger boiler and more powerful heating elements that will keep up with the demand. 

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How Many Espresso Machine Group Heads Do I Need



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