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3 Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies

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3 Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies That Cost Nothing

We know how much it takes to open a coffee shop. We talk to customers daily who pour their time and savings into bringing their ideal coffee shop vision to life. Getting people in the door is one of the most important things a coffee shop owner can focus on. We've put together three professional tips for getting people in the door.

When it comes to marketing think about it from a REACH - ENGAGE - CONVERT perspective. Where are you going to reach your customers? Are you depending on foot traffic? Social media? Local events? How do you plan to engage with them? Likely this will be in person through your friendly staff, but also via social media and written forms of content or advertisements. Converting is often the most strength forwards part. Once someone visits your shop, what can they buy? Think beyond coffee beverages.

1.) Build Your Brand

This doesn't have to be complicated. Think of your brand as a way people perceive and experience your business. The look, feel, values, and personality your customers can connect to.

2.) Connect on Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective places to find and meet potential customers. Plus, most platforms are free. Ideas for connecting with customers include sharing photos of your shop and menu items, promoting new or seasonal products, announcing events and promotions, etc.

3 Marketing Strategy Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

Social Media Tips:

  • Be consistent
  • Choose the right platform (no, you do not need to be on all of them, nor should you be)
  • Develop a tone and voice that aligns with your brand and values. (ex. Fun and goofy vs. upscale and sophisticated. Or maybe you’re all about a healthy lifestyle)
  • Be responsive
  • Mix it up and keep your content fresh (in other words, do be boring!)

3.) Focus on Search

We’ve all used Google to search for great coffee nearby. Make sure your coffee shop shows up on the major search platforms. These include Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and so on. Business owners should claim their Google My Business and Yelp accounts. These platforms allow you to be found online and customize the information that is advertised about your business (hours, location, menu, photos, and reviews).

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