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Cold Brew & Iced Coffee Machines

Cold Brew Machines Iced Coffee Machines Nitro Coffee

What is cold coffee?

Cold Brew (smooth-tasting coffee brewed at low temperatures) and Iced Coffee (hot brewed coffee that is immediately chilled) continue to be year-round favorites for coffee drinkers, steadily growing in popularity across every age group. These chilled coffee drinks are collectively known as "Cold Coffee", and unlocking their potential requires attention to the details.

Complete Collection of Cold Coffee Equipment

Voltage Coffee Supply carries a full collection of equipment solutions for brewing and dispensing Cold Coffee beverages, including Iced Coffee and Cold Brew products. The Nitron Cold Draft is a cold brew concentrate dispenser solution that is ideal for Specialty Coffee Shops, C-Stores, Cafes, and Offices. The Infusion Series brewers can achieve comparable flavor profiles to others in the market with fresh-brewed Iced Coffees and are ideal for the same customer base and Specialty Coffee Roasters, Hospitality, and Restaurant channels.

Iced Coffee

Any of the Bunn Infusion Series brewers can utilize the Flash Chill method to create iced coffee. We recommend the ITCB Brewer Series for larger batches that require concentrate dilution.

Iced Coffee Machines

Cold Draft

Rich, velvety cold brew and iced coffee beverages without the need for milk or cream are possible with the Nitron® Cold Draft dispenser. The keg-free design removes the need to manage kegs while yielding multiple gallons of finished drinks.

Bunn Nitron Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee On Draft Tap

Frozen Coffee Beverages

Delicious, frozen iced coffees, mochas, and cappuccinos are the perfect addition to any beverage menu. The Bunn Ultra® system utilizes reverse auger technology to achieve a consistent freeze all day long.

Frozen Coffee Beverages

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