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Bunn Infusion Series


Bunn Infusion Series - The New Standard in Batch Coffee Brewing

Specialty beverage consumption has tripled among millennials since 2008*. For the Specialty Retail/Bar entrepreneur, this means beverage equipment needs to produce the kind of premium beverages that these consumers are attracted to and with reliable operation. This set of recommended equipment covers every beverage type, is ideal for the Specialty channel, and addresses customer demand as well as operator profitability.

The Infusion Series® coffee and tea equipment platform provides Best Result in the Cup™ performance with proven industry knowledge to deliver the lowest cost of ownership. The platform is designed with interchangeability in mind to adapt to nearly every channel and serving environment. It's the New Standard in Batch Brewing.

  • Peak Extraction® Sprayhead: The exclusive Peak Extraction Sprayhead features grooves that protect and isolate the directional stream holes and capture minerals. These streams fully cover the coffee bed to give full saturation and ultimate uniformity of extraction.
  • USB Recipe Programming: The Infusion Series allows for simple programming on-unit and via USB, allowing up to three batch sizes and giving you ultimate control and consistency when dialing in recipes.
  • Operator Friendly: SplashGard® brew baskets direct hot liquid contents away from the operator’s hands, and the Funnel Lock protects the operator from removing the brew basket during programmed coffee and drip out cycles. A better positioned fast-flow water faucet allows for greater cup clearance.
  • Modernized Design Language: Rounded edges and contrasting stainless steel and black colors create a distinctive front-of-house look. This design language carries across the entire platform and coordinates with newer server and grinder models.

Bunn Infusion Series Family


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