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What is the Difference Between a Doser & Doserless Grinder?

Doser Grinders Doserless Grinders

New to the specialty coffee industry? Looking to purchase an espresso or bulk coffee grinder? Below we've explained the difference between doser and doserless espresso grinders. 

What is a Doser Grinder?

A doser is a chamber on the front of the grinder that collects the ground coffee into a container. A doser chamber is usually divided into pie-shaped segments that rotate with the pull of a lever to usually deliver around 7 grams of ground coffee. With each rotation, a new section will move over the dispenser chute and deliver a pre-measured amount of ground coffee directly into the filter basket. The advantage of the doser grinder is that it delivers quick pre-measured dosing which is useful in high volume environments.

Pros: The doser will help keep your counter clean and prevent coffee grounds from being wasted. If you overload the portafilter, you can just dump the excess grind back into the doser.

Cons: If you grind multiple types of coffee, there can be cross-contamination of the grounds. While espresso grind mixed in with French press coffee isn't a big deal, the reverse can mean a bad shot. And, unused grounds may sit in the doser until the next use, when they may not be fresh.

Doser Grinders

What is a Doserless Grinder?

A doserless grinder is just as it sounds. You grind directly into your portafilter or container and eliminate the doser from the equation.

Pros: No possible mixing of grind sizes; what you grind is exactly what is coming out of the machine. Once you perfect your timing, you'll be able to grind only what you need for fresh coffee every time.

Cons: A few coffee grounds may go astray, every which way, from the static electricity that normally results from the grinding process. But, if you're ok with a wipe of the counter, it's not a huge trade-off.

Electronic Doserless Grinders

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