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Specialty Coffee Shop Equipment Setup

Linea 2AV Linea Classic Mahlkonig E80 Mahlkonig EK43 Marco SP9 Texas Coffee School

Opening a coffee shop isn't easy, but our specialty coffee shop equipment list can help set you up for success. This sample equipment setup is ideal for:

  • High volume environments – quickly and efficiently making a high number of drinks per hour
  • Consistency – keep each shot the same as the last with reliable auto-volumetrics from the Linea Classic, Puqpress Q2 for uniform tamping, and dose control in the grinder from the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme


The La Marzocco Linea Classic is the machine that has supported the development of the specialty coffee industry since 1989. The clean lines and familiar charm of the Linea occupy many of the cafes, roasteries, and chains whose names have defined the industry.

The Linea is a heavy-duty workhorse that performs reliably in high-volume settings. A tried-and-true machine, perfect for your new café, bar, or restaurant.

La Marzocco Linea AV Auto Volumetric Espresso Machine

The E80 Supremes' 80mm burrs are capable of grinding at 6–7 grams per second, producing a double espresso yield is around 3 seconds and cementing the E80 as the fastest espresso grinder in its class.


With its wide range adjustment and the option to recalibrate your zero point, the EK43 is capable of grinding for any brew method from Turkish coffee and espresso all the way up through batch brew, press pot, or cold brew.


The unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design of the PUQpress automatic tamper ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp - every time. This Automatic Tamper is for professional heavy use. Perfect for high-volume cafés that serve espresso all day long.

puq q2

Developed with consistent, high filter quality coffee in mind, the Marco SP9 is a single-serve brewer with a sleek counter-top footprint and a striking design profile. The Marco SP9 is an automated filter coffee brewer that takes away the variables of hand brewing, delivering perfect coffee every time. Contains two heads and under-counter 6L boiler. 

marco spa twin

Delivers coffee directly into a portable urn. The operator sets recipes and batch volume requirements. Basket safety lock during brewing. Automated, intelligent grinder. Easy to operate with minimal operator error. Cost-per-cup control, temperature accuracy, and energy-efficient. Back-to-back brewing.

marco batch brewer

FRIIA is the ideal solution for coffee shops, offices, break-rooms, schools, institutions, and small cafes.

marco friia cold/sparkle

An innovation in water boilers: three temperatures, three volumes on demand. A vacuum insulated tank allows for up to 70% more energy efficiency.

Marco Mix Range PB3 / PB8 Countertop Hot Water Dispenser Boiler

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