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What is Flow Control?

Flow Control Pre-infusion

What is flow control?

Flow control allows you to manipulate your shots to absolute perfection by controlling the flow rate of water. Basically, it gives you a pressure profiling machine without the massive price tag. By allowing you to create your own pre-infusion and flow rates, the possibilities are endless.

Why do I want flow control?

You'll be able to manipulate your coffee, experiment with different bean types and origins, and really bring out all the nature flavors and aromas not possible without a much more expensive espresso machine.

Does it come installed?

Yes. It is installed on select prosumer espresso machine prior to shipment. 

What machines include flow control?

Flow control can be added to most espresso machines with an E61 group head! Flow control comes standard on these prosumer espresso machines:

  • VBM Domobar Super Digital Espresso Machine
  • VBM Domobar Super Electronic Espresso Machine

From an espresso technician:

Flow control is effectively pre-infusion. The La Marzocco GS3 and Victoria Arduino E1 Prima are actually changeable/manipulatable.

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