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The Importance of Aesthetics When Selecting Coffee Equipment

Ready to stock your café with commercial-grade equipment? As you prepare for purchasing, be sure to consider the aesthetics of the commercial espresso machine and other equipment you choose. Although you’ve probably put a significant amount of time and effort into the design of your shop, many coffee bar owners overlook the importance of the aesthetics of their machines.

If you’d like to learn more about selecting aesthetically pleasing commercial coffee equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we discuss the importance of appearance (in addition to function) and provide a few recommendations to help you make your selections: 

Why You Need Sleek Equipment 

Whether you’re opening your first shop or just one of many, you know how much planning goes into the ambiance. With the rise of remote work, many individuals view coffee houses as much more than just a place to get caffeinated. Your goal is likely to create a comfortable environment in which customers can savor their sips and enjoy a change of scenery for just a few minutes or several hours. 

Our Recommendations 

When you need a commercial espresso machine as beautiful as it is functional, we have several recommendations to consider. If you’re looking for a striking design, Sanremo Cafe Racer Naked Volumetric Multi-Boiler Espresso Machine is the epitome of an eyecatcher. Combined with its energy-efficient technology and the option for two or three group heads, the Cafe Racer is an investment that will elevate the aesthetics of your coffee bar. 

Looking for a sleek machine for your medium-to-high volume environment? We love the F18 by Sanremo. This volumetric multi-boiler machine is a stunner with its clean, bold lines and classic black or white color palette. Its PID-controlled heat and insulated boilers ensure excellent temperature stability, and a touch screen display means that baristas can easily program recipes. 

La Marzocco is one of the coffee world’s most beloved brands, and the stylish KB90 Auto-Volumetric Espresso Machine is a great example of why. The KB90 is known for its ergonomics and top-of-the-line electrical features. This model’s stainless steel and red coloring - retro styling makes it a great choice for shops looking for a machine with personality.

When you’re looking for a way to streamline the bar, you’ll love the Mavam Under-Counter Automatic Pre-Infusion Espresso Machine. This incredible under-counter system is a space-saver that guarantees a polished look, as well as enhanced temperature stability. This is Mavam’s flagship machine and is available in virtually endless color options to fit your desired aesthetic. 

If you’re on the search for a commercial espresso machine, keep in mind that it’s possible to find a high-quality product that also complements your café’s style. Many of the machines we carry are highly customizable, including personalized choices such color, trim, and add-ons. La Marzocco is one of the most customizable brands, which is great news for coffee shop owners looking for a specialized aesthetic.

The machines mentioned here are gorgeous and highly capable, so you can have the best of both worlds. If you have any questions about finding the perfect machine or other coffee house equipment, we’re here to help. Please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. 

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