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What is an Autosteam Wand on a Commercial Espresso Machine?

On the search for a commercial espresso machine to handle the needs of your café or home coffee bar? Whether your baristas need upgraded equipment to handle a high-volume environment or you’re looking for a machine with safety features for home use, an autosteam wand is a game-changer. Interested in learning more about the perks of an autosteam wand? We delve into the details here: 

Why Autosteam is Essential 

In older or traditional espresso machines, a manual steam wand is used. This high-pressure pump attached to the machine is controlled by two manual rods that the barista can adjust to get the texture of the milk just right. Although manual steam wands are still common, this type of steamer has several drawbacks. It takes time and skill to perfect the art of steaming milk without scalding it, and some wands aren’t insulated, which can lead to burns. 

For convenience and safety, the autosteam wand entered the market. This type of wand replaces manual steam handles with a button, which means that the barista can heat the milk completely hands-free. This technology allows the user to place the wand in the pitcher and let the wand take over the rest. Machines with autosteam wands regulate the temperature and aeration and stop heating and adding air once the milk reaches the barista’s specifications, ensuring consistency no matter who’s on shift. 

Most baristas love espresso machines with autosteam because it enhances workflow. When steaming is effortlessly done with the touch of a button, your team can make beverages more quickly without sacrificing quality. 

The thermal insulation on autosteam prevents milk buildup in the nozzle, which makes this type of wand more hygienic than conventional versions. Because the temperature probe is located away from the steam wand, machines with autosteam are capable of accurately measuring temperature. This guarantees a higher level of precision and customer satisfaction. 

As the owner of a coffee bar or a home coffee connoisseur, you may always be on the lookout for ways to enhance your craft. When you’re ready to find a new commercial espresso machine that can help you (or your team) streamline the process of milk steaming, autosteam is a must. 

We carry several machines that are available with an autosteam wand upgrade, and we’re always here to help you find the best fit. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to us for a consultation.

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