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What to do when there is no water coming out of my espresso machine grouphead?

While espresso machines can be complex, there are two primary reasons there is no water flow coming from one of your group heads: a faulty valve or clog. When troubleshooting over the phone one of the first questions the manufacturer's tech department will ask the user is if they have been experiencing anything unusual before the water flow stopped. For example, slow or low water flow can indicate a clog whereas a strange noise is more indicative of a faulty valve. A few things to troubleshoot first:

  1. Check the incoming water to your machine
  2. Check the water line coming out of the machine to the water filter and the water filter to the wall
  3. Make sure all of the valves are turned on

Most espresso machines use solenoid valves to control the water flowing through the brew head. When engaging the group head, the valve opens. When you push the brew button you will hear a specific click which means the valve is engaging properly. If you do not hear a click it may mean your valve is stuck closed or inoperable and needs to be replaced.  

Clogs and debris obstruction can also prevent water from going through the group head. Espresso machines have many water pipes that flow water through the machines. They are also equipped with gigleurs which are small metering jets inside the pipes to control the water flow rate. These gigleurs can get clogged which prevents water from reaching the group head. Even with the best water filtration systems, debris and buildup can block these tiny holes and cause water flow problems. Voltage Coffee Supply recommends starting at one end of the system and checking for water flow at each section of the machine's system to help you narrow down where the blockage is. No water coming out of your group head may also be caused by a clogged water filter or a bad pump. 


Looking for additional information on your product's tech support? This Directory includes the manufacturers and how to contact them for troubleshooting, tech questions, repair requests, warranty, and more.

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