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Used Coffee Machines

Tasty hot drinks are the foundation of the food business. From old-fashioned little coffee shops and street cafes to well-known chains and bars, everyone likes to have a fresh hot cup of tea or a nice big mug of coffee throughout the day. Coffee business has grown over the past few years and it’s become a staple in our lives. People crave real coffee, served hot and fresh. The one-pot coffee machines just are not enough anymore. Having the right commercial coffee equipment for brewing your coffee has become an important factor for every restaurant to serve the best coffee which will turn one-time customers into regular ones.

It is no mystery that the location and area of a coffee shop or restaurant is one of the biggest investments you have to make. You expect a real property to take a massive bite from your small commercial business loan or financial savings account. There is a smart budget-friendly option that many new restaurateurs do not consider i.e., used the coffee equipment. As you start to add up the costs, you may experience sticker shock – especially if you're buying new equipment. Once you start calculating the cost of all your restaurant equipment, you’ll realize that a huge chunk of money will be flying out of your pocket. Using refurbished or used restaurant equipment is the solution to your budgeting problems. 

Why should you buy used commercial kitchen equipment?

Evaluating the benefits of used kitchen equipment has an enormous effect on coming to a decision about purchasing the right equipment. Let’s take a look at why used equipment is a better option. 

  1. Budget-Friendly:

Whilst first-class, the vivid and new material comes with a hefty price, however buying used equipment will help you to save valuable bucks out of your total start-up cost. You can use this saved extra money for payroll, food items, décor, and many other things.

  1. Complimentary items

Many shops give free and complimentary gadgets on shopping for numerous used parts and pieces. Such loose alternatives can include things like a mixer, toaster, blender etc.

  1. Negotiable

In contrast to a new system, the prices of used stuff are negotiable and not fixed. Your bargaining skills and negotiating skills can get you a great deal. Don't be afraid to counter the initial price and settle on a price that suits both you and the vendor.

  1. Environmental friendly

If you are conscious about the environment then investing in a used item will promote recycling and upcycling. It’s a good approach to do whatever little we can to make this planet a little more eco-friendly.

  1. Feels like new equipment

There are lots of 2nd-hand machines accessible for commercial kitchens. In most scenarios, the gadgets have usually been used only for a short amount of time. Used machines do not mean worn-out equipment that people threw away. It mostly comes from failed business ventures or when they upgrade the model to a newer or bigger version.

  1. Sales Tax

By purchasing a used kitchen equipment you get the full tax deduction on the cost.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing a used coffee equipment

Now you know there are many benefits to purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment. However, you shouldn’t just jump at a used commercial coffee machine when you see one. There are certain factors to be considered so here are a few things you must keep in mind whilst buying a refurbished coffee machine.

  1. Has the machine been rebuilt?

In many cases when coffee machines are bought as refurbished then there are broken components which require to be restored or sometimes need to be replaced. Another term for that is reconditioned or rebuilt the machine. These machines most often require replacement of certain parts that could cost almost the same as a new one so might as well just purchase a new machine.

  1. Who repaired the machine?

You need to make sure that a company trained skilled technician is hired for the maintenance or repair of a used coffee equipment.  Factory trained experts are aware of how to put the system together and make sure all the required components are within the system.  The machine could have been given back because of a minor adjustment or placement required.  Further to the parts of a machine, the software and technology of the machine must be updated and working smoothly.

  1. What parts are used in repairing the machine?

While buying a refurbished coffee maker you want to buy from a manufacturing facility that is a certified center.  This ensures that the technicians are trained to handle the model designed.  An authorized service center upholds the manufacturer’s unique standards and makes use of authentic parts supplied by the manufacturer.

  1. What is the difference between “like new” and “open box” equipment?

There are some machines which might be offered as refurbished which do not want any repair.  While a system has been taken out of the box, switched in and used, it can no longer be offered as a new system. In such situations, you may regularly see the term "open box" or “like new”. These are splendid offers. Frequently, providers will promote those objects for a premium rate but the premium rate nevertheless provides a good value from purchasing a brand new one.

  1. Does the used equipment come with any warranty?

A good dealer will have a few types of warranty when you buy a refurbished device. Even as the warranty given may be shorter than the original period of the warranty, it should be long enough to use the system to ensure that working effectively.  Beware if the vendor is only giving extended warranty as it costs added to the price of the equipment. Be careful that some opened machines may additionally come with a few minor surface flaws and missing add-ons.  A reputable dealer ought to be able to send you photos of the unit and provide an explanation for exactly what you should be looking for.  Any supplier who sells refurbished items needs to be able to provide an explanation for precisely what you get. Whether it is a reconditioned or rebuilt machine, a repaired system or a like new or open box one.  Whatever you select, the key is to go for the most cost-effective option.

Advantages of buying a refurbished coffee machine

The biggest benefit of purchasing used coffee makers is the economic relief you could get from buying a used coffee gadget. Relying upon the condition and age of the system you can discover offers where people are inclined to part with the system for a rate much less than half of the original cost of it. Secondly, if the system is from a reputable manufacturer (like used Bunn coffee machines), then you know you have a decent equipment worth every buck. Respectable manufacturers have authorized resellers and dealers who provide factory-owned parts and pieces for restoration or repair of used equipment’s. Some other major advantages of purchasing a used machine are the likelihood of stumbling upon a masterpiece. Wherein you could search out discontinued models that had been cult favorites. Be careful when shopping for this sort of used coffee machine as they may be tough to repair and restore due to unavailability of substitute components.

In case you’re searching for pre-owned coffee machines then you will be able to score an industrial machine for the same fee as a mid-variety home coffee maker. That’s a first-rate bonus for coffee addicts. Business machines tend to be the higher alternative for coffee while domestic machines are highly priced. Therefore buying a used commercial coffee brewer can be the best alternative in this case. Usually, you could get a hold of the used machine that’s nevertheless in superb condition and a few would possibly be modern too. This way you save the cash and nonetheless get endless refills of coffee.

Buying a used espresso or used Fetco coffee machine can save you cash, however, you must do your homework beforehand to make certain that it really is worth the money. If an older model is lacking parts which you won’t be able to buy then that’s wasting your hard earned money. If the machine wasn’t properly taken care of, it might stop running quickly after you purchase it. However, if the device is not missing any parts, more recent and in proper working condition then it will be a smart decision to buy it. Once your business has taken off and your used coffee machine has worn off then just get a new one from all profit you made or better yet get another used model to save up and make more money!

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