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Water Filtration: Comparing BWT Bestmax, Bestprotect, and Bestmax Premium

water filtration systems

Water filtration is a critical component in the quality of your brew. When your goal is to craft the best possible cup of coffee, it’s ideal to have the water composition in your establishment tested. Water hardness varies by location, and knowing the composition of yours will help you choose the best filtration products. Interested in comparing premium water filtration systems? We carry several options from BWT, a brand that’s recognized as a leader in water filtration. Here, we compare three of BWT’s top-selling products to help you find the right fit for your café: 

Why Water Filtration is Important 

Mineral particles are naturally present in tap water, and the type and amount can have a noticeable impact on the flavor profile of coffee and tea. If tap water in your area contains high levels of certain minerals, your customers may notice a slightly metallic or acidic taste. Even if beverages’ flavor isn’t affected, hard water can have a devastating impact on commercial machines. The buildup of scale happens over time, and hard water accelerates wear and tear on equipment. To keep your machines running their best and protect your investment, a water filtration system may be necessary. 

BWT Bestmax 

BWT Bestmax is an excellent option to consider if you know that your water is susceptible to chlorine or limescale buildup. The Bestmax model protects against particles, chlorine, and limescale, making it a simple and practical filtration system. 

BWT Bestprotect 

BWT Bestprotect is a step above the Bestmax model and provides protection against gypsum. In addition to this extra layer of filtration, Bestprotect helps to fend off corrosion of equipment. Gypsum is a mineral that’s known for leaving a stubborn residue that can clog water lines, so a filter that can handle gypsum is a savvy investment in areas with high levels. 

Bestmax Premium

When you’re looking for a best-in-class filtration system, Bestmax Premium may be the ideal solution. Bestmax Premium is the gold standard in water filtration and has the added capabilities of balancing mineral content and buffering the pH value of water. This BWT model utilizes the flavor carrier Mg2+ to bring out the nuanced notes of coffee, espresso, tea, and cocoa. If you want to treat your customers to the very best in flavor, consider investing in Bestmax Premium. 

Water quality has a significant impact on coffee’s flavor, and filtration may be necessary to bring out the best notes in each brew. Although we love BWT and have highlighted the brand’s best-sellers here, we carry a plethora of filtration options to suit any need and budget. If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Please contact our team for a consultation.

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