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July 4th Cold Brew Roundup

As temperatures reach record highs across the country, even hot coffee devotees may consider trying an iced beverage. Cold brew has become overwhelmingly popular in recent years, thanks to its smooth flavor and high caffeine level. Like any espresso drink, cold brew is super customizable and a plethora of recipes are available to make this brewing method suitable for any palette. Interested in purchasing coffeehouse supplies to make the best cold brew in town? Here are our top product and bean recommendations: 

Marco POUR’D Ready-to-Drink Cold Coffee System 

If your team would like to streamline the process of cold brew production, the Marco POUR’D Ready-to-Drink Cold Coffee System will be a game-changer. This innovative under-counter system makes it possible to serve cold coffee on tap while maintaining incredible consistency. Its sleek, space-saving design and user-friendly settings make it a favorite of both experienced and novice baristas. 

Wilbur Curtis 6.0-Gallon Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System

We love the Wilbur Curtis 6.0 Gallon Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System for its ease of use and convenience. This iced coffee and cold brew dispenser makes it possible to brew and serve iced beverages within the same vessel. Its generous six-gallon capacity and wireless design makes this system ideal for a variety of settings, including coffee shops, catering businesses, grocery stores, and more. 

Nicaraguan Beans 

Looking for beans that are compatible with the cold brew method of brewing? If your shop is just beginning to offer cold brew, consider ordering Nicaraguan beans for the first batches. Nicaraguan beans are known for their sweetness, often with caramel and chocolate notes. 

Colombian Supremo Beans

For customers who prefer a bolder flavor, Colombian Supremo beans may be a great option. These beans are widely considered to be extremely versatile, and they shine as a cold brew. In addition to their rich flavor, coarse-ground Colombian Supremo tends to store well and retain freshness. 

Cold brew season is officially here, and if your café doesn’t already offer it, now is the time to start. Whether your team is already familiar with making cold brew or you plan to start training, you’ll need top-quality coffeehouse supplies to get the job done right. We carry all the products you need to craft a delicious batch of cold brew every time, and we’d love to help you find what you’re looking for. The machines spotlighted here are just a small selection of the supplies we offer for both commercial and home use. If you have any questions, we’re always here to chat. Please contact our team to get a conversation started.

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