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Ditting 804 vs. Ditting 807 Grinders


Looking for a high-quality coffee grinder for home or retail use? Ditting is a well-known Swiss brand that specializes in precision grinders. Ditting products have been around for decades, and for good reason: these grinders are reliable, functional, and engineered to perfection. If you’d like to purchase a Ditting grinder for your café or home coffee bar, you may be curious about which option is best for your needs. During your search, you might come across the Ditting 804 and 807 series. Here, we discuss the differences between these two product lines so you can feel confident about your purchase: 

Ditting 804 Series

Ditting’s 804 series is known and loved for its top-notch reliability. Although the original Ditting 804 Retail Grinder has been discontinued as of 2020, we still carry a limited number of the 804 Lab and Lab Sweet options. Cleaning these machines is as straightforward as it gets, so they’re a great choice for stores that need to grind multiple types of coffee. The low-retention design means that this product line is excellent for labs, smaller stores, and single-cup servings. 

Ditting 807 Series

If you’re looking for a more modern option for your team, you’ll love the Ditting 807 Retail Coffee Grinder. Ditting 807 is the successor to the 804 series, and features an almost entirely different, upgraded design. Like its predecessor, the 807 Retail Grinder is user-friendly and incredibly precise. Its newest features include: 

  • The addition of a second fan behind the grinding chamber for a cooler-running motor
  • Modification of the hopper locking mechanism for simpler removal and replacement 

The enhancements of the new 807 products haven’t impacted the size of the grinders in this series, which are still easily accommodated by standard 25” cabinets. 

When you need a tried-and-true coffee grinder for laboratory settings, home use, or commercial use, Ditting has you covered. Although the brand has sunseted the 804 series, it still fully supports these machines. If you’d like to try a more modern product, the 807 series is the clear winner. If you have any questions regarding the coffee grinders we carry (or the differences between sweet or standard discs), we’re here to help. Please contact our team for a consultation. 

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