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Astoria's High-Tech Espresso Machine, The Tempesta

Astoria Tempesta

Astoria's Tempesta represents a significant stride toward the technological advances in espresso equipment today. The Tempesta was conceptualized in collaboration with a trio of pro baristas who are accomplished on the global competition scene. The Tempesta is a fully equipped multi-boiler espresso machine that goes head-to-head with Slayer, La Marzocco, and Simonelli! High-tech features include a live graph of pressure and flow rate for every shot, independent brew boilers with PID temperature control, and cool-touch steam wands with extra power.

Astoria tempesta

Despite what might seem like a power-heavy machine, Astoria contends that the machine actually provides an overall 47 percent energy savings over comparable machines, thanks to its Energy Saver technology. The system offers three modes of use: an always-on mode, a scheduled programming mode with automatic standby periods, and an intelligent self-learning “Eco” mode in which the machine goes into standby automatically based on its own observations over time.

astoria tempesta

Energy consumption and other usage data, such as the number of coffee and hot water drinks made, the volume of water consumption, number of cleaning cycles performed, and more, can be exported for a shop’s edification. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, WiFi, and a USB port.

Astoria tempesta

Notice the Tempesta's long, cool-touch steam wands which are designed to offer extra articulation, granting baristas greater flexibility in where and at what angle they stand in order to give spectators a view of the action. The machine feet and drip tray height are also adjustable for purposes of stability, ergonomics, and display.

Astoria Tempesta


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