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Best Hot Water Dispensers for Coffee Shops

Hot Water

Hot water is absolutely essential to brewing coffee and tea. Having a reliable source of hot or boiling water at your disposal is highly beneficial in a commercial setting. VOLTAGE carries a variety of hot water towers and boilers from brands such as Bunn, Fetco, and Marco, in a variety of sizes. Take a look at our best selling hot water dispensers below.

Bunn H3X Hot Water Dispenser: Accuracy, adjustability, energy efficiency and styling in a quality hot water dispenser.

  • Great modern design
  • Precise temperature control and hot water on-demand to 212˚ F
  • Programmable single portion control volume up to 2 gallons for peak hours
  • Contemporary, low profile design for front-of-house and self-service
  • Eco-friendly technology maximizes energy use

H3X Element, Stainless Steel

Bunn H5X Hot Water Dispenser: Accuracy, adjustability, energy efficiency and style in a quality hot water dispenser.

  • Contemporary, space-saving design
  • Programmable “Energy Saver Mode" reduces operating cost during idle periods
  • The perfect tool for added control over quality coffee and tea
  • Digital thermostat provides constant and accurate temps of 60º- 212ºF
  • LED display provides simple temperature adjustment

Bunn H5X Element 5 Gallon Hot Water Dispenser 212 Degree F

Marco Ecoboiler T5 Hot Water Dispenser: Energy efficient water boiler with a compact footprint.

  • Plumbs directly into a mains supply
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to descale and service
  • Controlled electronically and made with 95% recyclable material

Marco Ecoboiler / Ecosmart Countertop Hot Water Dispenser Boiler

Fetco HWD-2110 Hot Water Dispenser: 10 gallon hot water dispenser is the ideal size for medium-to-heavy duty food/beverage prep and cleaning tasks.

  • Up to 13.5 gallons per hour
  • Dispenses water from 158 - 203 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Push-button controls allow safe dispensing

Fetco 10 Gallon Hot Water Dispenser On-Demand Temperature HWD-2110TOD 240v

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