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Bunn Programming Features & Coffee Terms

Bunn Coffee Terms

Understanding Bunn's Programming Features:

  • BrewLOGIC®
    • Easy programming compensates for flow rate variations to ensure consistent dispense levels when water quality is a consideration.
  • BrewWISE®, Smart Funnel® and Smart Hopper®
    • Features RFID communications between grinder, funnel, and brewer, managing the brewing process from start to finish consistently and without error.
  • BrewWISE® Recipe Writer
    • Unique information storage and transfer media dramatically reduces brewer programming times and input errors.
  • BrewMETER®
    • Simplifies pulse brew and allows extraction manipulation with the touch of a button.
  • BrewWIZARD®
    • Easy access to the most used setup parameters, including a lock-out feature to prevent brewing if the water is less than ready temperature
  • SmartWAVE®
    • A BUNN exclusive design that uses technology to increase turbulence in the brew funnel, providing more contact time between water and coffee and uniformity of extraction.
  • Others include:
    • Language/Units, Temperature, Freshness Timer, Advertising, Sanitation Timer, Recipe Cards, Service & Asset Numbers, and Brew Counters.

The terms used to describe the characteristics of the coffee drinking experience are:

  • Fragrance: Sometimes confused with aroma, this is the smell of ground coffee before the addition of water.
  • Aroma: The gases that evaporate as ground coffee is exposed to water.
  • Flavor: The liquids that are responsible for the overall taste of coffee.
  • Acidity: The taste of coffee that creates differing sensations on certain areas of the tongue.
  • Body: The solids that determine the way coffee feels in your mouth.
  • Aftertaste (or Finish): The lingering remnant of taste after the coffee is swallowed that often changes over time.


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