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Coffee Shop Bar Workflow Planning

Coffee Bar How-To Plan Workflow

Ultimate Workflow Planning After identifying your goals, it’s helpful to plan out your complete equipment workflow. This consists of your machine, grinder and tamp station. By optimizing your equipment set and placement of tools, you can provide a fast and friendly customer experience while providing a safe working environment for your staff.

Key Workflow Considerations:

  • Auto-Volumetrics: By using a machine that offers automated shot output either by volume or weight, the barista is free to focus on other tasks, while maintaining consistency in the cup.
  • Grinder Speed: Using a grinder with a faster grind speed and consistent dosing will increase the number of shots a barista can pull in a given time period.
  • Tamping: We offer the full Puqpress product line as a way to increase consistency, speed, and ergonomics for the barista in a busy bar by removing the need for manual tamping.


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