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Preparing Your Space For Coffee Equipment Installation

Setting up shop and preparing for the installation of your new commercial espresso machine (and other equipment) is an exciting step! Although you’ve probably already done plenty of research regarding the best machines and accessories, we recommend going a step further to ensure your space is ready for installation

Commercial equipment often requires professional installation due to the intricacies of setup and warranty protocol. Ready to get your retail suite prepped for the arrival of your coffeehouse supplies? Here’s what you need to know for a smooth process: 

Select the Best Location For Your Machine

Once you’ve chosen the perfect machine, be sure to carefully consider where it will make its home on the bar. The location of the espresso machine will have a significant impact on workflow, and making room for it on the front bar is usually the best choice. Ensuring that it’s at a functional height for your team is also a must before installation. 

For larger cafés that need more than one machine, familiarize yourself with the bar before settling on a spot for both. When 2+ machines are necessary, take another look at the spec sheets for dimensions before selecting their final placement. Ideally, you should aim to install the machines far enough apart to provide ample room for two baristas to comfortably tamp, use the steam wand, and pass espresso drinks to customers. 

Evaluate Water and Power 

If you’re new to coffee shop ownership, it’s important to note that the power and water requirements vary by machine and location. A commercial espresso machine is an investment, and you’ll likely want to protect yourself by adhering to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. 

To make sure that you’re on the right track, refer to the spec sheet for appropriate voltage. You may need to have an electrician verify that your retail space matches the machine’s voltage tolerances. While you’re at it, having a surge suppressor installed is a wise choice. 

Water is another crucial factor to consider. Since every area has different water composition, it’s strongly recommended to have your water tested before your machine is installed to prevent scaling. This way, you can be prepared with the proper filtration systems on hand when your technician arrives. 

Professional installation is recommended or required for most commercial espresso machines, so preparing your space is an important step in ensuring that your café is ready to go on schedule. Hiccups along the way aren’t uncommon, and following these guidelines may help you avoid costly setbacks. 

If you have any questions about selecting the right commercial espresso machine or any other coffeehouse equipment, we’re here to help you find the best fit. Installation is included with many of our machines, and we’re happy to walk you through what to expect and offer additional insight into how to prep. Ready to chat? Contact our customer service team to start the conversation.

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