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How to Choose a Commercial Espresso Machine

How-To Choose A Espresso Machine

Business Considerations:  The espresso machine is the heart of your business, so it’s important to discuss the following factors with an experienced professional before deciding on your specific espresso machine. Considering these factors will guide you to purchasing the best equipment for your business.

  1. Power: Electrical power will affect the size and model of the machine you can consider. Before choosing your equipment, confirm the electrical supply specifications in your location.
  2. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is part of owning an espresso machine, but some machine features require more attention than others. If you’re miles away from a qualified service provider, a simpler model may best fit your needs.
  3. Bar Layout & Design: How much counter space can you dedicate to an espresso machine? How will customers order, interact, and move through your café? We offer different solutions depending on your specific needs.
  4. Coffee Menu: If coffee will be the star in your space, you’ll need a machine that can keep up. Improved temperature stability, programming flexibility, and advanced features help you consistently deliver beautiful coffee to your customers.
  5. Volume: Busy shops with short ticket times benefit from more group heads and greater automation. If you expect to have a line out the door all day, you’ll be looking for a dependable workhorse with key functions automated.
  6. Water: Water analysis is a must before installing any espresso machine, and your specific needs will vary by geography. Work with VOLTAGE to determine your filtration needs for your area and equipment.

Machine Considerations:  What does it mean to own and operate an espresso machine? Three of the most important factors, below, will help you prioritize your options and choose a machine that drives your business forward.

  1. Reliability: As a long-term investment. When deciding on an espresso machine, it’s important to consider one that has proven reliability and craftsmanship. The espresso machine will be core to your business, and it must keep producing drinks every day with little downtime. This is achieved with time-tested components, solid engineering, and a readily available, well-trained service network.
  2. Consistency: Brings customers back. Your customers expect to get a great cup of coffee every time they visit your business. This can only be achieved with a machine that gives you consistency every time you brew. You should choose a machine that has systems built to ensure that each cup will attain the highest standard.
  3. Design: Attracts & Delivers. Customer expectations are first set by the design of your space. It is important to invest in beautifully designed equipment, with a wide range of customization options. Beyond outward appearance, the machine should be designed with workflow and ergonomics in mind to ease the job of the barista and speed of service.

Machine Configurations:  VOLTAGE offers a range of machine configurations to match the needs of your business. More manual configurations allow baristas closer engagement with brew parameters like pre-infusion and pressure. More automated configurations allow the barista to program a repeatable output and give more of their focus to customer engagement. The style and volume of your business will be crucial in deciding which configuration to choose.

  1. Manual/Lever: The barista manually controls pre-infusion and pressure during the shot. The barista starts and stops the shot to achieve the preferred coffee volume.  
  2. Semi-Automatic: The barista starts and stops the shot with either a push button or paddle interface to achieve the preferred coffee volume. 
  3. Auto-Volumetric: The barista starts the shot, and the machine stops it, based on the pre-programmed volume of water running through the coffee to achieve the preferred coffee volume.  

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