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Is The Ditting KR1203 Right For Your Business?

Ditting KR1203

The KR1203 is the ideal grinder for fast, reliable, and uniform grinding. The Ditting KR1203 was designed for large cafes with medium traffic. It can also support smaller coffee shops and cafes in need of a grinder to keep up with a demanding pace.

This grinder supports retail bag and filter grinding, therefore, it can be used for both coffee bags and your shop's filter batch brewing needs. The KR1203 can grind your drip coffee, cold brew, and other filter coffee menu offerings as needed. Grinding 45 to 60 pounds of coffee per day, this model is incredibly powerful, versatile, and dependable.



Huge, Wear-Resistant Flat Burrs:

  • With 120 mm grinding discs, it can power through a grand total of 25,000 pounds of coffee before the discs ever need replacement.

Ditting KR 1203 Burrs

Ditting Burr Design:

  • Larger burrs offer cooler grinding since the discs need to make fewer rotations, limiting friction and heat generation.
  • Ditting burrs are specially sharpened to keep from creating heat that can damage the bean quality. Additionally, these specially developed burrs allow high grinding capacity for all grind adjustment steps.

Extremely Fast Grinding with Specialized Motor:

  • The 1.8 kW motor is designed for a large grinding capacity at coarse to fine settings. Very little cool-down time which results in the ability to grind continuously without overheating.
  • Grinds 3 lb. of coffee in one minute flat and up to 60 pounds of coffee in a single day. Ideal if using this unit to grind 1 lb. retail bags.

Stepless Grind Adjustment:

  • From Turkish coffee to coarse French press grinding, you have access to any fineness setting needed.
  • Aromasaving consistent grinding.

Large Hopper:

  • To accommodate a large output capacity, the KR1203 includes a generously sized hopper that can hold 2.4 lbs. of beans.
  • The optional hopper extender takes the standard capacity from 2.4 lbs. to approximately 5 lbs.

Ditting Hopper Extender

Vibration Plate:

  • When the grinder is turned on, the vibration plate will begin shaking. This settles the coffee in the retail bag so that you don't have to do it manually.
  • This feature is extremely user-friendly and creates massive efficiency
  • Bag shaking unit ensures an optimal filling of the bags.

Cold Brew Gear:

  • Extending the grinder's range from 100 to 1,200 microns, this optional gear will allow you to perform coarser grinding for standard cold brew coffee.

Ditting Cold Brew

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