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Mahlkonig E65S vs. E80 Supreme


Mahlkonig is recognized as a leader in engineering best-in-class coffee grinders. Founded in Germany in 1924, this brand has been perfecting the art of the grind for nearly a century. If you’re on the search for a professional coffee grinder for your shop, Mahlkonig has several excellent options to consider. Not sure which model is right for you? Here, we discuss the similarities and differences between the Mahlkonig E65S and E80 to help you make the best choice. 


Mahlkonig E65S Specs 

If your space is limited and you’d like to avoid countertop crowding, you’ll love the petite profile of the E65S by Mahlkonig. Although it’s designed to save space, it’s not short on the technology that makes Mahlkonig a premium brand. This grinder is incredibly fast and quiet, and like the larger E80 model, it has a stepless grind adjustment system and flat burrs for perfect uniformity in coarseness. This machine uses smaller burrs than the E80: 65mm burrs in comparison with the E80’s 80mm burrs. Because the burrs are smaller and need to turn more quickly, you may notice that this machine runs slightly hotter than the larger E80. However, both options have cooling technology built in to avoid bitter-tasting grinds. With a hopper capacity of 2.6 pounds and up to six programmable recipes, E65S is often the preferred choice of low-to-medium volume cafés. 

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Specs 

Mahlkonig’s E80 Supreme is the brand’s top-of-the-line model. This large commercial coffee grinder features Mahlkonig’s patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) technology, which ensures unprecedented quality control. Because the E80 Supreme is designed for high-volume environments, it’s equipped with an adjustable illuminated spout and high-resolution, wide angle display for easy viewing. Capable of grinding up to seven grams per second, this grinder is lightning fast yet pleasantly quiet. This machine boasts a hopper capacity of four pounds, so it’s ideal for busy environments. 

When you’re ready to purchase a commercial coffee grinder, Mahlkonig offers some of the best choices on the market. If you’re a lower volume café or often need to train novice baristas, the E65S may be a better fit for your team. This smaller machine is available at a lower price point than the E80 Supreme, so it’s a great choice for smaller shops with a tighter budget. The larger capacity and burrs of the E80 Supreme mean that this model is the preference of larger establishments that need to grind numerous servings per day with few breaks. We carry both of these Mahlkonig products (plus more!), and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’d like additional assistance in finding coffee shop supplies or need answers regarding financing, just contact us and we’re happy to help. 

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