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OptiPure Reverse Osmosis Systems

Optipure Reverse Osmosis RO

OptiPure Reverse Osmosis Systems are a viable solution for foodservice water treatment applications when:

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and hardness levels are too severe for scale inhibition or basic filtration.
  • Equipment manufacturer’s minimum water quality standards for warranty must be achieved.
  • Consistency of product is required regardless of location or differing water characteristics.

OptiPure offers different styles of reverse osmosis systems which include blending water systems (BWS) and mineral addition systems (OP).

  • BWS systems allow management of TDS with the use of a precision blend valve to adjust TDS to the desired level.
  • OP systems utilize mineral addition to ensure a specific balance of minerals in water regardless of incoming water quality.

It is important that OptiPure reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed to meet particular applications. An improperly designed and applied reverse osmosis system can cause operational problems and damage equipment.

We recommend the OptiPure® BWS175 Series for coffee and espresso applications. This system utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO to remove >97% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water. Then, a balance of minerals is dissolved into the RO water, followed by a precision blend valve for further TDS adjustment, to provide optimized water with desirable TDS for recommended applications. 

The BWS175 system can produce up to 175-gallons per day operating at line-pressure and includes an integrated pre-filter which reduces sediment and chlorine. The BWS175 includes an operating pressure gauge and a hydropneumatic storage tank that holds 5 to 16-gallons to meet specific demand requirements. The system also has a built-in manual bypass valve. The compact design can be wall-mounted or installed under the counter and comes with tubing and fittings required for installation.

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