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Mahlkonig Burr Life

Burr Life Grinding Discs Mahlkonig Mahlkonig Burrs

Mahlkonig grinding discs have a long life expectancy with regular wear. The following chart is based on normal grinding on a medium setting. Life expectancy will shorten with the finer grinds simply because the discs will be working harder and wearing out at a faster rate than with coarser grinds.

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Mahlkonig Burr Type Diameter Lifetime (pounds)
VTA 6 S Tool Steel 120 mm 22,000
VTA 6 S Tungsten 120 mm 500,000
EKK/EK 43 Cast Steel 98 mm 14,300
Guatemala Tool Steel 71 mm 11,000
Kenia, F, Lab Tool Steel 65 mm 5,500
GH-2 Tool Steel 85mm 2,000
Tanzania Tool Steel 80 mm 8-10,000
DK 15 Cast, Double Tool 130 50,000-60,000
DK 27 Cast, Tool 180 70,000-90,000
K30 Twin/Vario Tool Steel 65 mm 1,600-2,000
PEAK/E80 Tool Steel 80mm 3,000
Pro-M All Tool Steel 65 mm 1,100-1,760
Pro-M Espresso Tool Steel 65 mm 1,100-1,760


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