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How Offering Pour Over and French Press Coffee Can Boost Profits

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Whether you’re already operating a coffee bar or are preparing to open one, maximizing profits is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. There are many strategies you can explore to boost sales, including offering pour over coffee. This method of brewing is especially important for brands in the specialty market, as nothing compares to a great pour over experience. 

Although you’ve probably been focusing on which commercial espresso machine is best (and there’s no debate that a great machine is paramount), pour over products can add value in ways you may not have thought about. Interested in learning more about how pour over and French press coffee can be valuable additions to your menu? We share the benefits here and provide practical solutions for busy baristas: 

Why You Should Offer Pour Over and French Press Coffees

When you’re looking for ways to diversify the menu, offering pour over and French press coffee are great places to start. These methods aren’t widely used in coffee shops, often because of the time and skill it typically takes to master these crafts. 

If you’re not familiar with pour over, this type of brewing involves percolation in which hot water is poured over coffee grounds. As this process occurs, the resulting coffee is filtered into a vessel. Because of the way pour over is made, the flavor compounds are more fully extracted while oil residues are removed. When done properly, pour over coffee has a flavor profile like none other. However, this method of brewing has many variables that can be challenging to control. 

Similar to pour over, coffee made via a French press is known for its full-bodied flavor that’s vastly superior to electric percolator coffee makers. A French press has three main components: a carafe, plunger, and strainer. This type of brew isn’t percolated, and instead requires fresh, filtered water in a carafe to meld with grounds. After about four minutes, the plunger is used to force the grounds through the strainer to the bottom of the carafe, resulting in a delicious dark roast coffee. 

Products to Improve Efficiency

Decided it’s time to give by-the-cup coffee a chance in your café? If you’re a mid-to-high volume shop, your baristas will appreciate products designed to ease the process of making pour over coffee. 

Marco SP9 Pour Over Coffee Brewer is ideal for specialty shops that strive to serve the highest-quality filter coffee. The SP9 pour over coffee maker utilizes patented water recirculation technology to maintain precise temperature control, which is a must for excellent filter coffees. This precision brewer is compatible with many brewing methods, including Chemex, Hario, and Kalita. Its 9 pulses to incorporate pre-infusion and pulse pouring make the barista’s job as simple as possible while ensuring impressive results. 

Although brewing through a French press isn’t the same as a pour over, high-end cafés can benefit from offering this type of brewing method. Like a pour over, a French press provides an elevated experience for customers and typically requires a hands-on approach by a skilled barista.

If you’d like to offer French press coffee but need to improve efficiency, the Bravura Press Automated French Press is a product you’ll want to have in your café. This energy-efficient machine is built to last, and its automated system means that turnaround time is head and shoulders above a manual French press. The Bravura Press is capable of brewing 100+ cups of pressed coffee per hour, so it’s great for restaurants in addition to specialty coffee shops. 

Whether you’d like to begin offering pour over and French press coffees in your shop or you’re gearing up to open your new café, the products mentioned here can help you provide an exemplary customer experience. With the rise of remote work, an increasing number of customers are interested in trying these specialty types of brewing. Although you can charge much more for pour over and French press, you’ll need to ensure that your team has user-friendly equipment for making these high-end beverages. 

If you’d like to learn more about the SP9 or Bravura Press, our customer service team is here for you. We love helping business owners achieve their goals, and we carry everything you need to make it possible to serve the best coffee and espresso. From helping you find the best commercial espresso machine to niche products, we’re always here to help. Please contact us to learn more

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