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Why Your Shop Needs a Commercial Soft-Serve Machine

soft-serve ice cream machine

Looking for ways to boost coffee bar sales this summer and beyond? Expanding the menu is one of the most reliable ways to pique interest in your shop. If you already have a great selection of espresso-based beverages, adding soft-serve offerings is an excellent strategy. If you’re still considering whether to invest in a soft-serve ice cream machine, consider the benefits we share here: 

Appeal to a Larger Audience 

While there’s certainly a place for specialty shops that serve only coffee and tea, many business owners have found that offering a wider selection is more profitable. Including bakery items and soft-serve options in your store may help attract more diverse and larger groups (such as families). 

What a Soft-Serve Machine Can Make 

Commercial soft-serve machines have the capability to handle numerous menu offerings. When you think of soft-serve, you probably think of ice cream. However, these machines can be used to serve custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and the creamy, frozen base for acai bowls. Adding these delicious and refreshing offerings to the menu is a savvy move for summertime, and serving acai bowls is a decision that health-conscious patrons will appreciate. 

The Machine We Love 

Interested in adding a soft-serve machine to your café? If you’re on the search for a high-quality product with large capacity, we love the Fetco by Elmeco QK1 Quickream. Whether you’re operating a coffee shop, frozen yogurt bar, or concession stand, this machine will be right at home. With a one-gallon capacity and output ability of 6.25 quarts every 1.5 hours, the Fetco by Elmeco QK1 Quickream has the ability to keep up with busier environments, and its electronic control pad is as user-friendly as they come. Older models of soft-serve machines are often notoriously difficult to clean and maintain, but this machine features a no-seal, anti-leak design to minimize the need for maintenance. 

When your goal is to broaden the menu to appeal to a larger audience, soft-serve products are an excellent addition to your lineup of offerings. From acai bowls to gelato, a versatile soft-serve ice cream machine can handle it all. We often recommend the Fetco by Elmeco QK1 Quickream for shops planning to offer frozen menu items, but we’re always here to help you explore our full range of products. If you need any assistance in understanding which machine(s) may be best for your needs, please contact our team.

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