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Sol Coffee Bar

Food trucks are uber-popular these days. You can find everything from cupcakes and street tacos to lobster and breakfast. There are than 4,000 food trucks in the US, with annual sales exceeding $1.2 billion. Additionally, the food truck business has increased by nearly 8 percent year over year for the past five years (IBISWorld).

Food trucks make a lot of sense. There are fewer risks and lower overhead costs. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can build their brand before expanding and test what works vs. what doesn't.

Sol Coffee is a distinctive food truck and coffee house all in one. Their truck is a retro 1979 Toyota camper truck powered by a solar off grid system (super quite!) - making it one of the coolest mobile food trucks we've come across. Sol Coffee offers a full menu of fair trade coffee and tea drinks and pastries.  Craft Espresso comes from their Gas-Powered Astoria AL2 Lever Espresso Machine.

Based in Longmont, you can find Sol Coffee across the front range. Sol Coffee was recently featured on Denver's 9 News and is the winner of 2018 Best of Design Small Spaces from Architect’s Newspaper.

Sol Coffee Longmont - Voltage Restaurant Supply

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