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Coffee Beverage Trends of 2019

Coffee is an integral part of food culture in the US and is one of the most sought after products in food service. 50 percent of Americans drink some type of coffee beverage daily. Over the past few years, the coffee industry has continued to grow and evolve. If you’re an avid coffee drinker or a foodservice operator staying ahead of new trends is something that is critical to your success, below are a few key coffee beverage trends that you should look out for in 2019.

Nitro Coffee

This new trend branched out of the craft brewing craze, it involves infusing coffee with nitrogen gas to produce a rich creamy texture with carbonation effects similar to that of stouts. This variety of coffee is very strong and can be made easily using the right materials although some companies now sell it in cans which make it much more portable.

Buttered Coffee

Owing to the new dietary trends, buttered coffee has become quite prevalent in the coffee industry. Buttered coffee involves mixing coffee with a little bit of butter or any other medium-chain triglycerides like coconut oil as a source of healthy fats. This variety is said to give consumers an energy boost without the typical caffeine crash accompanied with mental alertness that lasts for hours, as well as appetite suppression, it is especially popular among individuals on the Keto diets.

Coffee Cocktails

This trend isn’t seen a lot in cafes, but you might see it in bars or restaurant. Coffee cocktails are currently being included in menus to provide a fun twist to the traditional cocktail drink, some of them include the espresso martini, the black coffee lagers, Irish coffees, flat white martinis, and cold brew gimlets. If you’re a foodservice operator or restaurant owner looking for a new trend to capitalize on you can key into this growing trend.

Non-Dairy Milk

Over the last couple year’s non-dairy milk variations has grown popular and have impact coffee trends. Variations like soy and almond milk are already well established, but in 2019 other varieties like cashew, macadamia milk, oat, rice, and coconut may become better alternatives for lattes and coffee beverages.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is the process of leaching flavor from the beans which produces a chemical profile different from conventional brewing methods. Cold brewing takes much longer than traditional coffee brewing. This is because cold brew is literally brewed with cold water (or water well below the 200°F). In general, cold-brewed coffee is more caffeinated than hot-brewed coffee.

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