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What is the Difference Between the Mahlkonig E65S and E65S GBW?

E65S E65S GBW Espresso Grinders Mahlkönig

What is the primary difference between the Mahlkönig E65S and E65S GBW?

The GBW vs non-GBW are exactly the same functionally (other than the dosing approach). If you like dosing with a separate scale, the standard E65S should be fine! Otherwise, go with GBW if you want to remove the scale part of your brewing process. The biggest difference we notice with timing is when you jump up burr size significantly (like the E80 Supreme). Grinding time is noticeable reduced. However, with 1-2g/ sec like the two E65S grinders, there is not much there to concern yourself with. 

Grind Adjustment Stepless Stepless
Burr Type Flat Steel Flat Steel
Burr Size 65mm 65mm
Burr RPM 1400/1650 (50/60hz) 1400/1650 (50/60hz)
Burr Speed 5-7 g/sec 4–5 g/sec
Hopper Size 2.6 lbs. 2.6 lbs.
Dims. 7.67"W x × 22.95"H x 11.14"D 7.67"W x 24.4"H x 11.14"D
Power 110 volts 110 volts
Weight 25 lbs. 27 lbs.
Price $2,200 $2,950
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