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What is the difference between Mazzer Robur S & Mazzer Kold S?

New models reduce retention, provide statistics and data, and are cloud compatible.

Mazzer announced the release of two new espresso grinder models: the Robur S and the Kold S. Responding to the needs of a busy café and integrating technological advances, the new models reduce coffee retention by 52%, have a built‐in memory board that can keep track of coffee statistics and let the user program different time settings, and are cloud compatible, with an app currently in development to accompany the grinder.

For these new models, Mazzer looked closely at what baristas and busy cafés needed. Although most cafés know how much coffee they go through, countless pounds are lost due to retention, purging the grinder in between grind adjustments. Burr changes and maintenance checks without any sort of tracking system, knowing when to maintain and clean a grinder can be difficult and lead to future technical issues and inconsistent coffee.

Mazzer addressed these problems through four major innovations:

  • Reduced retention – Coffee retention in the grinding chamber is reduced by 52%, reducing the amount of coffee wasted by purging and grind adjustments by half
  • An easy system for burrs change and cleaning of the grinding chamber quickly and without losing your grind setting
  • New electronic control panel – Lets you know how many shots have been pulled, features programmable time settings for single double and triple dose, and tracks maintenance updates, like when burrs should be changed
  • Cloud compatibility – Electronic grinders designed to be cloud compatible, so you can access information and statistics anywhere, with an app to be unveiled for the grinder in the next few months

The new Robur S and Kold S grinders are a direct response to barista needs. The grinders are sophisticated enough for experienced baristas to use, but are designed to make grinding easy. The more the grinder is designed to help baristas, the better the coffee will be.

ROBUR S electronic is an electronic grinder with conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for high consumption.

Mazzer Robur S Electronic Espresso Coffee Grinder Conical Burrs

KOLD S electronic is a electronic grinder with belt driven transmission, conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for high consumption.

Mazzer Kold S Electronic Espresso Coffee Grinder Conical Burrs


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