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Compare Victoria Arduino's White Eagle and Black Eagle Espresso Machines

QUESTION: What’s the difference between the White Eagle T3 and the Black Eagle? 

SHORT ANSWER: Aside from the obvious (aesthetics) they both share the same multi-boiler technology (White Eagle T3). The capacity is larger on the Black Eagle. The Black Eagle offers 2 models (Volumetric and Gravimetric).

Black Eagle Gravimetric Espresso Machine
Black Eagle Volumetric Espresso Machine

Black Eagle

White Eagle T3 Volumetric Espresso Machine

white eagle


T3 technology gives the Victoria Arduino White Eagle and Black Eagle a comprehensive temperature management system rarely seen in other espresso machines.

Espresso production has many variables baristas are trained to manage. Temperature stability is a vital one, but it's often down to the machine and not the barista, making it difficult to control.

Thanks to its "smart" T3 technology, both the White Eagle and Black Eagle allow the barista to set the temperatures for the brew groups, water infusion and steam through several independent copper boilers.

The result is unprecedented thermal accuracy, giving baristas the power to pull only the most perfect espresso shots.



With gravimetric technology, the weight of the liquid extracted is measured directly in the cup. The data is therefore much more precise and, more importantly, is not affected by other factors, such as the shape of the filter, the tamping force on the coffee, the condition of the showerheads and more. The barista always has full control of each delivery, the quantity in the cup is always programmed and any difference between one delivery and the next is eliminated.

*Note that the gravimetric technology is only available in the Black Eagle Gravimetric.


The VA388 Black Eagle is the espresso machine for all of those who dedicate their lives to coffee; who study, research, and experiment every day to bring a meaningful coffee experience to the cup.

A coffee machine for the specialty coffee shop, a machine that is stable, consistent and volumetric. In the continuous search for a constant result in the cup, many baristas have verified and demonstrated how the volumetric system allows them to obtain a significantly higher quality repeatable product compared to the manual system.

The volumetric version of the VA388 Black Eagle addresses this need and goes beyond. We wanted to create a coffee machine for specialty baristas, making a volumetric model with the greatest temperature stability to help baristas in their daily work. We wanted the new machine to improve the relationship between customer and barista. The designer Viglino adopted a soft style, with more curves and asymmetrical elements, in a product 49 cm high.

Black Eagle Volumetric

black eagle

Black Eagle Volumetric Espresso Machine
White Eagle T3 Volumetric Espresso Machine 

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