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Rhino Coffee Gear 1L Latte Pro Milk Jug Milk Pitchers Stainless Steel
Rhino Coffee Gear

32oz Rhino Latte Pro Milk Pitcher

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Designed for both comfort and functionality, the Latte Pro Milk Pitcher is a must for professional baristas and home brewers alike. Recesses on both sides of the pitcher allow for seamless integration of Rhino’s Accutemp stick-on thermometers for either left- or right-handed baristas. The integrated design of the Accutemp thermometer also eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and other hygiene issues associated with stick thermometers.

Rhino Latte Pro Milk Pitcher Features

  • Ideal for training baristas.
  • Adaptive for left- or right-handed baristas.
  • Replaceable peel-and-stick Accutemp thermometers fit perfectly in recesses on each side of the pitcher.
  • Prevents cross-contamination and other hygiene-related concerns that can come with using a stick-thermometer or similar tool. 
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle.
  • Smooth, precise pour for latte art.

Technical Details

  • Capacity: 1L / 32oz
  • Material: 304 grade stainless steel
  • Not dishwasher safe

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