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Box of Mazzer Parts - Liquidation
Box of Mazzer Parts - Liquidation
Voltage Coffee Supply

Box of Mazzer Parts - Liquidation

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This is a box of miscellaneous Mazzer Coffee Grinder Parts that we are liquidating from our warehouse.  This box is not eligible for returns.  Included in this box: 

  • 44x Mazzer Standard Doser Outlet Cover Plate Finger Guard Protector M28250
  • 49x Mazzer Anti-Static Doser Grid Screen - Mini Electronic M28670/MINI
  • 29x Mazzer Mazzer Doser Lever Return Spring S000MOB03 M28220 10350 1250922
  • 2x Mazzer Robur Kold 3-phase Grinder Conical Burr Set 187C 83mm Trifase 187-C M282187 Genuine
  • 3x Mazzer Robur / Major Hopper Complete M28351002
  • 7x Mazzer Espresso Grinder Grounds Tray Plate - Mini CP15130
  • 8x Mazzer Anti-Static Doser Grid Screen - Major (Original) S000RET04-B00
  • 4x Mazzer Filterholder Portafilter Support Fork M28122 / 1252082
  • 5x Mazzer Timer Switch Knob M28162/K
  • 4x Mazzer Espresso Grinder Logo Decal Label Plaque Metal Silver Back Plate 4M M28535
  • 9x Mazzer Grinder Foot Feet Rubber Leg Assembly M28258
  • 7x Mazzer Dosing System Pressing Spring 14x49mm M28218
  • 1x Mazzer Motor Bearing M28057
  • 1x Mazzer Collar Adjustment Ring Pin Handle Lever M5 S00SPEA00 M28360012

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