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Image of Fetco Luxus L4D Thermal Coffee Dispenser with Stand - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Fetco Luxus L4D Thermal Coffee Dispenser with Stand - Voltage Coffee Supply™

Fetco Luxus L4D Thermal Coffee Dispenser with Stand

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The Fetco L4D Series LUXUS Thermal Coffee Dispensers are a stylish, self-serve option for hotel lobbies, breakrooms, cafes, quick-serve restaurants, office coffee service, convenience stores, and anywhere cups per hour volume is light or countertop space is limited.

L4D Series LUXUS Thermal Coffee Dispenser Features

  • Keeps coffee at an ideal 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 4 hours
  • Digital liquid-level monitoring and freshness timer
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • No additional heat source needed; saves energy
  • Comes with an integrated stand and drip tray
  • Traditional pull faucet; faucet guard helps prevent cross-contamination
  • The integrated lid features a removable funnel, pivot cap, and front handle
  • Stand and server do not separate

Technical Details

  • 1.0 Gallon
    • 8"W x 12 1/2"D x 21 3/4"H
    • 1.0-gallon capacity
    • Part Number: D448 L4D-10
    • Compatible Fetco Models: CBS-2142XTS E214251, CBS-2141XTS E214173, CBS-2141XTS E214172, CBS-2141XTS E214171
  • 1.5 Gallon
    • 9"W x 13 1/4"D x 23"H
    • 1.5-gallon capacity
    • Part Number: D449 L4D-15
    • Compatible Fetco Models: CBS-52H-15 C52186, CBS-52H-15 C52046, CBS-52H-15 C52036, CBS-52H-15 C52026, CBS-52H-15 C52016, CBS-51H-15 C51056, CBS-51H-15 C51046, CBS-51H-15 C51036, CBS-51H-15 C51026, CBS-51H-15 C51016, CBS-2152XTS E215252, CBS-2152XTS E215251, CBS-2151XTS E215151, CBS-1152V+ E115252, CBS-1152V+ E115251, CBS-1151V+ E115151


    Warranty Information

    All new Fetco products include 1-year parts and a 30-day labor warranty.

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