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Rhino Coffee Gear Rhino Thermometer Thermometers Large
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Rhino Coffee Gear Rhino Thermometer Thermometers
Rhino Coffee Gear

Rhino Thermometer

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Always have an accurate measure of the temperature of steamed milk and other beverages with Rhino Coffee Gear’s easy to read Milk Thermometer. With two lengths to choose from and an adjustable stainless steel clip, this stem thermometer is an adaptable instrument for any workspace and can be used with any milk pitcher. Or remove the clip to use for more general cooking purposes. 

Rhino Thermometer Features

  • Easy to read dial.
  • Positive lock, quick-release action allows the thermometer stem to be adjusted to the desired height.
  • Perfect for any milk pitcher. 
  • Available with a long or short stem.

Technical Details

  • Stainless steel stem
  • Long thermometer stem length: 18cm (7in)
  • Short thermometer stem length: 13cm (5in)
  • Temperature range: -18 to 104C (0 to 220F)


Insert the stem of the thermometer through both holes in the clip. Pressing the clip together will allow for easier positioning along the thermometer stem. Push the clip down onto the side of the pitcher and position it until the stem tip is sitting just above the bottom of the pitcher. Always remember to position the Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Thermometer on the pitcher before filling to ensure you have it seated at the correct height, and always clean the thermometer stem before and after each use. Do not leave in a hot oven or a microwave.

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