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Comparing Commercial Coffee Grinders: Mahlkonig GH2 vs. Bunn G2 and G3

Whether you’ve already chosen a commercial coffee brewer or are still on the search, you’ll need a commercial coffee grinder to provide the highest quality grounds. As we discussed in a previous post, burr grinders are the best option for coffee bars. Within this category, there’s a plethora of options, so it can be challenging to find the perfect fit. Many of our clients who are shop owners know and love the brands Mahlkonig and Bunn, which offer comparable products: the Mahlkonig GH2 and Bunn G2 and G3. Interested in learning more about these products to determine which is right for your shop? We break down the key similarities and differences below: 

Mahlkonig GH2 Specifications 

Like Bunn G2 and G3, GH2 by Mahlkonig is a bulk coffee grinder. This powerhouse is capable of grinding an entire bag of coffee at a time, which makes it an excellent choice for high-volume stores. This model has an impressive 4.4-lb hopper size to handle large quantities of beans and 85 mm flat steel burrs for fast, efficient grinding (approximately one pound per minute). With 18 settings, the Mahlkonig GH2 has a full grinding range from fine to coarse and is equipped with a bag clamp for convenience. The burrs are constructed in Italy, while the other components are made in China. 

Bunn G2 and G3 Specifications 

When you’re looking for a reliable commercial coffee grinder, Bunn’s G2 and G3 models are also great options. While both of these products from Bunn are considered large capacity, the hopper sizes are smaller than Mahlkonig’s GH2. The G2 offers a 2-lb hopper capacity, while the G3 can hold three pounds. Both products are equipped with 80 mm steel burrs which can grind through fresh beans at an average speed of one pound per 30 seconds. Although these Bunn grinders have fewer settings than the Mahlkonig GH2 (just 8 compared to 18), they still offer a full grind range. There’s no bag clamp on the G2 or G3, but those who prefer American made products will appreciate that they’re made in the United States. 

When you’re preparing to stock your shop with the best quality supplies, don’t overlook the fact that a retail coffee grinder is just as crucial as a commercial espresso machine. A commercial coffee grinder such as the Mahlkonig GH2 or Bunn G2/G3 has the ability to keep up with high demand, which is a must for keeping customers happy. If you have any questions about finding the ideal equipment for your café’s unique needs, our team is here for you. We’re always happy to chat and help you find the equipment that’s best suited for your team, goals, and budget. 

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