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What You Need to Know About Puqpress Products

Regardless of which commercial espresso machine you have in your shop, the coffee tamper is a necessary component for getting extraction just right. Although tamping is a necessary part of the espresso making process, the art of the tamp is no easy task to master. Novice baristas and seasoned pros have all experienced the trials and tribulations of learning how to tamp the coffee grounds into a level “puck” in the portafilter. Even after countless hours of practice, there’s still plenty of room for error (and cramped hands or repetitive strain injuries). 

There are many types of traditional tampers, including domed or conex, calibrated, flat, dual-head, puck, and palm. These conventional types of tampers are included with commercial machines, but you may prefer to find a modern option for your team. That’s where Puqpress comes in: this brand recognized a need for hands-free, injury-free tamping that does the job perfectly every time. Thus, the automatic coffee tamper was born. 

Interested in learning more about the diverse line of Puqpress products? Here, we discuss the brand’s entire lineup, which consists of standalone products and attachments. 


Each Puqpress commercial coffee tamper is designed with precision in mind. Even though most of us agree that automatic espresso machines can’t beat hand-made espresso beverages, an automatic tamper takes the pressure off busy baristas. We’re only human, and even the very best in the business appreciate the unprecedented consistency of Puqpress tampers. 

The first in the lineup is the Mini. This little machine is ideal for home or professional use, and is capable of up to 100 perfectly flat tamps per day–no effort required. Like other Puqpress Q models, this product is compatible with any portafilter, including naked portafilters. Available in sleek matte black or white finish, the Mini will look beautiful on the bar. 


Need a heavier-duty machine for higher volume shops? The Q1 can provide up to 300 tamps per day, and its non-stick finish reduces coffee stickage to the tamper. True to the brand’s reputation, Q1 has an ultra-tough frame that ensures a picture perfect tamp every time. This product has a warranty that guarantees 200,000 tamps in two years, so you can feel confident when putting it through its paces. 


Puqpress refers to its Q2 model as “The King of Consistency.” With a pressure range of 5-30 kg, your baristas can adjust in 1 kg increments. Q2 has multiple tamping profiles, so your baristas can adjust to a slower flow rate for a Flat White or speed it up to improve workflow. This model can crank out unlimited tamps per day and has an impressive one million tamps in two years of warranty. 


If you’re working with limited counter space, the M line by Puqpress may be just what you need to rev up workflow while saving space. All products in the M line are designed to function seamlessly with many brands of grinders, such as Mahlkonig and Simonelli (and more). 

If you have a Mahlkonig K30 or Peak, Puqpress M1 is the product you need. Unlike the standalone versions, all models in the M line do not require any countertop space. Simply connect it to the grinder and start your tamp. The M1 features all the internal mechanisms of the original Puqpress, so you can rest assured that the motor is just as powerful to provide incredibly consistent results. 


The Puqpress M2 integrates with Simonelli’s Mythos 1 and/or 2 grinders. Its tamper diameter is 58.3 mm and it’s available in matte black or pearl white to complement your grinder. Like other commercial Puqpress models, the M2 works with all types of portafilters for convenience. 


Mahlkonig’s E65S is one of the most popular commercial coffee grinders around. If your shop uses this grinder, it’s compatible with the M3. Its newly updated stiff frame offers enhanced precision and lifespan, so your Puqpress will perform in harmony with your Mahlkonig E65S. 


Need a space-saving automatic tamper for your Fiorenzato F64 or F83? The M4 is what you need to seamlessly integrate with these commercial coffee grinders. Its tamper diameter is 58.4mm and fits baskets that range from 58mm to 58.5 mm. This product offers a wide array of tamping profiles and offers a pressure range of 22 to 26 pounds. 


We’re big fans of Mahlkonig (and many of our clients are, as well). The Mahlkonig E80 Supremeis a best-seller due to its lightning-fast grinding speed and large capacity, so Puqpress created the M5. M5 is designed specifically for the E80 Supreme and E80 GbW. 

Puqpress products can help you achieve the best possible working conditions for your team. Your commercial espresso machine will extract the best shots when provided with an even tamp, and there’s no better way to get a perfectly level puck than with the help of an automated tamper. Your baristas will be sure to thank you for relieving them of muscle strains that can often come with repeated tamping, and customers will appreciate the faster and more flavorful results. Whether you prefer an on-counter or integrated option, there’s a Puqpress product for you. If you have any questions about finding the best equipment for your needs, we’re here to help. Please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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