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Introducing Mavam


Mavam is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The Mavam equipment line is designed by a long-time service tech and team who collectively have more than 30 years experience servicing and engineering espresso and coffee brewing equipment. All Mavam machines focus on ease of use for the barista, ease of service for the tech, and temperature stability.

Mavam's equipment range includes their popular under-counter espresso machines, traditional countertop espresso machines, steam units, and a hot water cupping gun. All of their equipment is designed for high throughput commercial environments and is supported by a global network of certified technicians.

What is Stability?

Temperature stable, stability, temperature balance - these are phrases and words you'll hear when talking about espresso machines. For Mavam, temperature stability means you will have the same temperature from the first shot to the 100th shot during a rush. This leads to the best consistency and best espresso - a win for everyone!

Under Counter Espresso Machine

The Under-Counter Espresso Machine is designed to exceed the tireless demands of today's espresso bar operators while maintaining world-class temperature stability.

Under Counter Espresso Machine
Mach Two Espresso Machine

With three different brew method options (Manual, Chronomass, or Flow Meter Volumetrics) the Mach 2 Espresso Machine gives the barista options to achieve the best shot and have repeatable results. The individual pumps for each brew group allow for uninterrupted brewing pressure and individual brewing pressures per group.

Mavam 2 Group

Under Counter Steam Machine

The Mavam steam unit was created as an addition to your Mavam espresso machine to crush long lines or as an individual unit perfect for tea and chocolate shops.

Mavam Steam Machine

Hot Water Cupping Gun

The Mavam Cupping Gun was designed as a specialized tool to deliver nearly endless hot water to the cupping table, increasing workflow and no waiting for kettles.

Mavam Cupping Gun Hot Water Machine


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