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Compare Mahlkonig K30 and Peak Espresso Grinders

Espresso Grinders k30 Mahlkonig Peak

What is the difference between the Mahlkonig Peak and K30 Grinders?

The Mahlkonig K30 has 65mm burrs so it's going to produce coffee very efficiently and slightly faster than the PEAK (somewhere around a second, depending on grind point). The PEAK uses 85mm burrs and is designed around the Mahlkonig EK43. The PEAK delivers a sweeter and smoother coffee when compared side by side the K30. Therefore, the PEAK has an advantage by delivering extra sweetness. Both are flat burr grinders so you are going to get a very efficient grind. All in all both grinders are very easy to use and feature a stepless grind adjustment. 

Additionally, the PEAK has numbers in between each grind adjustment point allowing the barista to be extremely precise when measuring a dose. Both grinders work very smoothly and are easy to use one-handed.

Both have single and double cup buttons and are very consistent with their dosing. Both use a clamping system which enables the grinders to be handsfree. The PEAK chute is adjustable whereas the K30 is not. 

Hopefully, this helps to understand the major differences between both grinders.



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K30 vs. Peak Grinders

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