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Victoria Arduino White Eagle vs. Black Eagle

If you’re planning to purchase a commercial espresso machine, Victoria Arduino likely has a product to meet your needs. This brand hails from Italy and has played an instrumental role in pioneering past and present espresso machine technology. Two of its most popular models are the White Eagle and Black Eagle, which are ideal for busy coffee bars. Interested in learning the differences between these two machines? We outline the details here: 

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Specs

The Victoria Arduino White Eagle offers several configurations for flexibility for shop owners. This machine is available with either two or three group heads, and can come with a standard single boiler and PID control or with upgraded T3 technology. Victoria Arduino’s T3 multi-boiler system allows maximum temperature stability, which is an excellent feature for discerning baristas, specialty shops, or even barista competitions. With the innovative T3 temperature management system, the user has the ability to set separate temperatures for each group head. 

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Specs

Although the two Victoria Arduino machines discussed here function similarly, they differ in aesthetic and capacity. The Black Eagle offers a larger capacity, which better suits busier environments. Like the upgraded White Eagle model, the Black Eagle has the T3 temperature control system and is available as a 3 or 2 group espresso machine. This Victoria Arduino machine also has the optional upgrade of gravimetric technology. With Gravitech, the weight of the extracted liquid is measured directly into the cup. This means that the data is incredibly precise and unaffected by factors such as the tamping force, condition of the showerheads, or filter shape.

When it comes to crafting the best quality espresso, you’ll want your team to have a commercial espresso machine that offers unparalleled temperature stability and enough group heads to keep up with demand. The engineers at Victoria Arduino have risen to the occasion by creating exceptional machines to enhance the quality of each shot. When you’re on the search for a high-performance product, the White Eagle or Black Eagle by this brand won’t disappoint. Both offer cutting-edge features, but the clear winner when it comes to bells and whistles is the Black Eagle. Since this machine can be equipped with both T3 and Gravitech, it may be the best option for baristas who prefer the ultimate level of precision. If you’re still not sure which model is perfect for your team, we’re here to help. We love talking espresso, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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