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Glossary of Coffee Terminology: Other Coffee Equipment

Other Coffee Equipment and Accessories

Coffee Glossary Table of Contents

In addition to espresso machines, grinders and coffee brewers, what other types of equipment and accessories might be important for setting up and running your coffee business?

  • Auto Steamer:  An automated milk steamer that is connected to an espresso machine steam boiler.  These units will automatically steam the milk to the desired temperature and aeration based on the option that has been selected.  The Perfect Moose is an example of this, if you have a La Marzocco espresso machine you can also use the Wally auto steamer.  
  • Automated Tamper:  A device used to tamp espresso grounds in a portafilter to thirty pounds per square inch.  These take away from repetitive use injuries in the work space and also help maintain drink consistency between baristas.  The Puqpress is an automated tamper that automatically depresses once you load the portafilter under it.  A more analog version of this can be found with the Macap CPS that uses a hand pulled lever to lower and tamp dosed espresso in the portafilter.
  • Barista Brush: Brush with a shortened handle, mostly used to clean up grounds on the counter of a barista’s workspace.
  • Distribution Tool:  A distribution tool is used to evenly distribute espresso grounds in a portafilter prior to tamping.  Evenly distributed espresso grounds allow for a more even extraction and helps avoid channeling during extraction.  Great tool to use, especially for dosing into bottomless portafilters.
  • Dosing Cup:  A small cup used to collect espresso or coffee grounds.  Can be used with a whole bean coffee grinder to dose and transfer ground coffee in a clean and mess free way.
  • Grouphead Cleaning Tool:  A brush with a small head that is used to clean the group head screen and group head gasket.
  • Grouphead Gasket Tool:  A small pick tool that is used to grab hold of the group gasket inside the group head and remove it from the group.  Needed for group head gasket replacement.  
  • Grouphead Screwdriver Tool:  A small flathead screwdriver with a stubby handle to fit under the grouphead.  This screwdriver is used to remove the small flathead screw that holds up the diffusing screen.
  • Knockbox:  A box or chute that is used to collect used espresso extractions also referred to as “pucks.”  These come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Milk Frothing Pitchers:  A pitcher that comes in multiple sizes, this pitcher is meant to be used to hold milk while it is being frothed and steamed by an espresso machine.  Made of stainless steel for easy clean up and daily use.
  • Milk Frothing Thermometer:  A thermometer with a reading range of zero to two hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit that fits inside and clips to a milk pitcher.  This is meant to be used in a milk pitcher while it is steaming milk in order to make sure a barista is in a safe range for milk temperature in their beverage.  Also helpful in gauging milk consistency ranges for different beverages and different milk types.
  • Pitcher Rinser:  Typically built into the countertop this rinser is plumbed into a water line and allows you to rinse empty milk pitchers that have been used in order to remove milk residue prior to re-using the pitcher.  These come in various shapes and sizes and some allow the ability to also serve as a drying area for cleaned milk pitchers.  
  • Scales:  Small scales used to weigh espresso grounds prior to extraction.  In addition they are used to weigh ground coffee for dosing pour over coffee prior to extraction.
  • Shot Counter:  An external device that allows a barista to see the amount of time an espresso extraction takes.
  • Steam Wand Brush:  Very thin and small brush used to clean the steam wand tip and steam wand of an espresso machine.
  • Tamper Mat:  A small rubber mat that sits on a countertop and provides a soft service to rest a dosed portafilter while tamping espresso.  This helps protect the spouts of a spouted portafilter as well as the bottom of a bottomless portafilter.
  • Tamper:  A tool used to tamp or compress espresso grounds once they have been loaded into a portafilter.  An even 30 pound tamp is best for most espresso extractions.
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