58mm Backflush Blind Filter Basket Disc
58mm Backflush Blind Filter Basket Disc
58mm Backflush Blind Filter Basket Disc

58mm Backflush Blind Filter Basket Disc

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Regular backflushing helps keep your espresso machine clean and in great condition. The stainless steel 58mm backflush filter basket fits portafilters used in conjunction with E61 groups. It also fits many other 58mm portafilters (Marzocco, Simonelli, Astoria).

  • The blank, blind portafilter insert is used for backflushing group heads
  • Superior material & finish with zero defects
  • Fits most 58mm portafilters
  • Includes one (1) Basket
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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KNOWN PART NUMBERS: Ascaso C..256 Ascaso C..837 Ascaso F..156 Ascaso G..538 Ascaso I.1182 Astoria CMA 27173 Bezzera 5471003 BFC 4630100 Brasilia 00564.0.40.01 Brugnetti-Aurora 000034 Cimbali 4771021902 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8B16 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8CA18 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8F145 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8G41 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8R28 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8W11 ECM C619900106 ECM Manufacturer C619900106 Elektra 01309035 Expobar 75000020 Faema 4771021902 Faema 800021902 Fiorenzato CS A2200030 Futurmat-Ariete 02190205 Gaggia WGANF08/006 Gaggia Spagna 02190205 Grimac 1090300002 Grimac A2200030 Grimac F271 Grimac GR770 Grimac M270 I.M.S. CFFC065/LF Iberital 20130 Iberital 211 Italcrem 02190205 Laranzato 514461 Mairali 02190205 Marcfi-Ancas BE-5347 Marzocco L115/C Nuova Ricambi 521902 Nuova Simonelli 03000107 Pavoni 327081 Promac 40100105 Rancilio 34-100-014 Rancilio 40100105 Reneka AT5471003 Rocket C619900106 Royal 4630100 Saeco WGANF08/006 Sanremo 10052220 VFA Expres 514461 Vibiemme FILTCI Victoria Arduino 03000107 Visacrem 02190205 Wega WY27173

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