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Bamboo 6 Section Condiment Rack & Organizer

Bamboo 6 Section Condiment Rack & Organizer

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The Bamboo 6 Section Condiment Rack & Organizer is specifically crafted for storing coffee condiments such as sugar, sugar substitutes, straws, and single-serving creamers. This product provides a practical and effective way to keep your condiments organized, guaranteeing a smooth experience for your customers. Its open design allows for quick identification of items that need replenishing, streamlining the restocking process and making it effortless to access and refill the station, ultimately saving you valuable time and energy.

Bamboo 6 Section Condiment Rack & Organizer Features

  • Holds condiment packs, sweeteners, straws, and single-serving creamers
  • Durable construction is great for convenience stores and coffee shops
  • Keeps your countertops organized and tidy

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 14.25”(H) x 5.5”(W) x 13.25”(D)
  • Part Number: BCD6

Warranty Information

All new Bamboo products includes a 90-day parts warranty.

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