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Voltage Coffee Supply™ Comandante RX35 Red Clix Burr Adjustment Kit
Voltage Coffee Supply™ Comandante RX35 Red Clix Burr Adjustment Kit

Comandante RX35 Red Clix Precision Burr Adjustment Kit

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Comandante's RX35 Red Clix Metric Precision Thread Burr Adjustment Kit provides an alternative axle compatible with all Comandante coffee grinders, that significantly increases the precision of grind adjustments. This adjustment kit is ideal for home enthusiasts seeking greater control and precision for dialing in espresso as well as professional use in competition settings.

The axle and the red grind grade dial are designed with ultra-fine precision threading, unlocking twice as many click steps as compared to the original Comandante threads. But don't worry, your current grind preferences are easy to translate to the new kit - if 10 clicks on your standard Comandante axle is ideal for your espresso, simply double that to 20 clicks with the Red Clix kit. If you love the grind consistency of your Comandante grinder but want even more control and precision, the RX35 Red Clix Burr Adjustment kit is for you!

Comandante RX35 Red Clix Precision Burr Adjustment Kit Features

  • Doubles the click range over the standard Comandante axle, adding an additional click step between every click on your standard Comandante grinder
  • 100% greater precision on click steps
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stable and durable click mechanism
  • Compatible with all Comandante C40 MK3, C40 MK4, and X25 Trailmaster grinders

Technical Details

  • Change of Particle Size per Click (typical): 15 Micron/0.015mm
    • Compare to 30 Micron/0.030mm per Click Adjustment with Standard Comandante Axle & Dial
  • Vertical Burr Pitch per Click (typical): 29 Micron/0.029mm
  • Narrow Blade Gap per Click (typical): 6 Micron/0.006mm
  • Narrow Blade Gap at Burr Exit: 5.5 Micron/0.0055mm
  • Included in the Box:
    • Red Grind Dial
    • Precision-Threaded Axle
    • Two Washers
    • Spring
  • Note: Do not mix Red Clix parts with standard grinder parts. The extra fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with any other parts.

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