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Everpure EZ-RO 375 16 Gallon Reverse Osmosis RO System
Everpure EZ-RO 375 16 Gallon Reverse Osmosis RO System
Everpure EZ-RO 375 16 Gallon Reverse Osmosis RO System

Everpure EZ-RO 375 16 Gallon Reverse Osmosis RO System

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The Everpure EZ-RO 375 Reverse Osmosis System is designed to meet the water quality standards required for espresso, coffee, and tea equipment, as well as customer satisfaction. By effectively reducing scale and corrosion issues caused by high TDS, water hardness, and chlorides, this system ensures optimal water quality. With its precision stainless steel blend valve and built-in TDS meter, the EZ-RO System allows for customized TDS levels, resulting in the perfect extraction and taste profile for espresso, coffee, and tea. Additionally, the system features a Proprietary Fibredyne II filtration media that effectively prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter, thus extending the product's lifespan. The EZ-RO 375 system helps to reduce sediment and chlorine, providing added protection to the RO membrane.

EZ-RO 375 System Features

  • 4CM cartridge provides calcium and magnesium for improved extraction
  • Non-electric design operates on available water pressure
  • Sealed hydropneumatic storage tank provides capacity and pressurized water to downstream equipment
  • Pressure gauge allows monitoring of RO inlet pressure and pre-filter conditions
  • Built-in bypass, sample port and flush valves speed up installation and cartridge replacement
  • Compact design allows installation under counters and in tight spaces
  • High flow 1/2" OD tubing optimized water line to equipment
  • Installation kit comes complete with tubing, fittings, and mounting hardware
  • High efficiency RO membrane saves up to two times more water than standard RO membranes

Technical Details

  • Processor Dimensions: 16.6”(H) x 18”(W) x 8”(D)
  • Tank Dimensions: 22.3”(H) x 18.5”(W) x 25.6”(D)
  • Total Weight: 70 lbs
  • Tank Capacity: 16 Gallons
  • Inlet Connection: 3/8” push-to-connect
  • Outlet Connection: 1/2” OD push-to-connect
  • Pressure Requirements: 50 - 100 psi (3.5 - 6.9 bar)
  • Water Temperature: 40 - 100ºF (4 - 38ºC)
  • Daily Production Rate: Up to 375 gal/day


Warranty Information

All new Everpure products come with a 90-day parts warranty.

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