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Image of OptiPure BWS350 16 Gal. Reverse Osmosis RO Treatment System - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of OptiPure BWS350 16 Gal. Reverse Osmosis RO Treatment System - Voltage Coffee Supply™

OptiPure BWS350 16 Gal. Reverse Osmosis RO Treatment System

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The OptiPure BWS350 has been replaced by the Pentair / Everpure EZ-RO 375

    The OptiPure® BWS350/16 Water Treatment System utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove >97% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water. Then, a balance of minerals is dissolved into the RO water, followed by a precision blend valve for further TDS adjustment, to provide desirable optimized water TDS.

    The system will produce up to 400-gallons per day of optimal quality water for applications where TDS reduction or the removal of the majority of hardness minerals is required. This complete system includes integrated pre-filtration with particulate and chlorine reduction, reverse osmosis, blend valve, and mineral addition, in a space-saving, wall-mounted design. Adjustable reject flow control allows precise adjustment of product/reject ratio. A built-in full system bypass valve and sample port assures no service interruption and simplifies routine maintenance.

    The system also includes a 16-gallon atmospheric storage tank with a top-mounted variable-flow re-pressurization system and a sub-micron air breather. Hose, tubing, and fittings required for installation are included.

    • Ideal for any foodservice equipment where it is desirable to remove existing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and provide a consistent balance of buffered TDS
    • Significantly reduces scale and corrosion problems related to high TDS, water hardness, and chlorides
    • Precision blending valve allows the user to accurately and precisely blend filtered water with mineral-addition water to a desired optimized TDS Level
    • Digital before and after TDS meter for push-button monitoring of membrane performance and optimized water quality
    • High capacity Pre-filters take out sediment and chlorine and protect the RO membrane
    • Adjustable reject flow control minimizes water use due to seasonal fluctuations in water temperature
    • Sample port enables quick and simple system checks and adjustments
    • The built-in pressure gauge allows visual monitoring of operating pressure
    • All consumables are easy-to-change Qwik-Twist cartridges
    • Integrated system bypass valve eliminates down-time or service interruptions


    • Processor Dimensions: 26.8"h x 20.1"w x 8.4"d
    • Tank Dimensions: 27.3"h x 16.5"w x 20.4"l
    • Feedwater (inlet): ⅜” Push Fit Tubing (polytube)
    • Outlet: ½” hose connection
    • Pressure Range: 60-85 psi at 1.0 GPM (3.5-5.9 bar)
    • Inlet Temperature Range: 40°-100°F
    • Drain Connection: 2.0 GPM min.
    • Water Processor Power: 120V 60Hz 6W
    • Repressurication Pump Power: 120V 60Hz 2W
    • Part No. BWS350/16 164-14366
    • Spec Sheet
    • User Manual
    • Pre-Install Checklist
    • Install Manual


      STORAGE TANK: Producing water utilizing reverse osmosis is a slow process that does not make water fast enough to meet the needs of the equipment. The storage tank is a clean environment where the optimized water is stored until called for.


      • BWS Blending Water Systems allow management of TDS with the use of a precision blend valve to adjust TDS to the desired level.
      • OP Mineral Addition Systems utilize mineral addition to ensure a specific balance of minerals in water regardless of incoming water quality.


      Please note, this item is not available for expedited shipping at this time. 

      WARRANTY: This item is subject to a 90-day parts warranty. All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer discretion.

      PLEASE NOTE: OptiPure is now part of the Pentair family of brands. Many well-known Optipure filter systems have been discontinued and/or rebranded under the Pentair Everpure brand. The quality and specifications for all Pentair Everpure filter systems remain extremely high. This change means many OptiPure part numbers will be rebranded as Pentair Everpure. Please reach out to us with any questions - we're here to help!

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