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What is the difference between the Simonelli Aurelia Wave vs. Appia Life?

Nuova Simonelli Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave

The Simonelli Appia Life and The Simonelli Aurelia are high-capacity machines for commercial environments.

The Aurelia Wave is the higher production machine with a larger boiler (14 liters vs. 11 liters) and has a larger heating element (4700 watts vs. 3400 watts). This translates to faster recovery times and more steam production for better speed of service. Also, due to its larger group head, the Aurelia can retain heat better which makes it a more temperature stable leading to more consistent shot temperatures.

An Appia Life espresso machine is an excellent choice for medium to high traffic volume restaurants and cafes that set the bar high for espresso service. Choose one of the Appia configurations if you want fast and efficient production, ease of use, or you need a compact size option.


Appia life

Created with advanced technology like the optional T3 multi-boiler system and an LCD, an Aurelia Wave machine is perfect for specialty coffee shops. Opt for the Aurelia Wave if you plan to have extremely high-quality specialty coffee in your shop. 


simonelli aurelia wave

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